BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is a proprietary Internet-based instant messenger and videotelephony application. It was developed by the manufacturer of the BlackBerry, BlackBerry Limited (formerly known as Research In Motion Limited (RIM)). It was released to Android a few days ago. Follow the tutorial to Install BBM on PC Using Bluestacks.

There are three ways to install BBM on PC:

1.How to install and use BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) on PC.
2.How To Install And Use BBM On PC Using Genymotion.
3.How To Install And Use BBM On PC Using Bluestacks(fastest).



Download and install from the below link.


NOTE : you need a updated version of bluestacks.

Download and extract BBM Apk

Download BBM

Instructions to Setup BBM:

1.Download and install Bluestacks from the above link.

2.After installing Bluestacks open the BBM apk previously downloaded.

3.When the BBM apk is installed in the Bluestacks open the BBM from the Bluestacks app launcher.

4.Your are now done just sign in to the BBM account and start using BBM on PC.

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Enjoy Messaging  🙂

Any questions comment here.



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  • Kushal

    error…..installed failed…coz bluestack is of 2.3v

    • Bluestacks updated to v4.0 yesterday. Update your bluestacks and try again.

      • Asker

        I tried to install the bluestacks but failed. Is it compatible with my amd vga?

        • Srini Vasan

          update your driver

      • chika

        is bbm work flawlessly on new update bluestacks?

    • Srini Vasan

      update bluestacks…

  • lacream

    how do i bypass the bluestack error…doesn’t lunch…having issues on vga drivers not up to date..but it is

    • Srini Vasan

      you need graphics driver to run bluestacks

  • Teguh Rahardjo

    how do bluestack update?

    • Srini Vasan

      just download from there official site

  • Rahmantyo Erlangga


    • Srini Vasan

      update your bluestacks

  • Pan7her

    the Downloading runtime data takes forever. still not completed

    • It depends on your Internet Speed

  • sofikaj

    hey nice work dude,but i have a problem i downloaded bbm but when i open thee app its giving me a black screen and nothing happens any help 🙂

    • have you updated bluestacks

      • Iya

        i have lastest version but still same here

        • Srini Vasan

          update your graphics driver

          • Baresi Moi

            how can I update graphics driver?

          • Srini Vasan

            can we have a screenshot or error message report

        • reen

          i already update the graphic driver so i can open the bluestack apps
          but i still can open the bbm apps??

    • Rendix Alextian

      kalo keluar kayak gini, solusinya gimana gan? ini pas mau buka BBM.. trus stelah keluar pemberitahuan itu, bluestacknya error.. terpaksa di close

      • Srini Vasan

        first update your AMD driver and then try

  • sugar

    man… u re awesome.. but i have a challenge with the bbm… tried to launch it… it only displays a blank screen for like ever… nothin comes up after den
    need ur help man… thanks in advance

    • Srini Vasan

      thanls for your comment Sugar
      make sure you have graphics driver and you have updated it else restart the also need to updated bluestacks.

  • ray

    Hello,I downloaded bbm but when I open the app its gives me a black screen…can u plz help me?

    • Srini Vasan

      update your graphics driver..

  • Harshraj

    When I open the BBM app, a black screen is displayed and nothing happens. What’s the problem?

    • Srini Vasan

      update your graphics driver.

  • JS98

    Works perfectly… took me a total of 2 hours to update B.S. and get the BBM app but it finally works

    Do you have a new tutorial on Instagram for B.S. version 4.0??

    • Srini Vasan

      we will post a article on it soon….

  • Huget

    thanks, totally worth it

    • Srini Vasan

      thanks for your comment.

  • Bagus Permadi Prajitno

    great article bro, i have question about bbm on bluestacks. I’m re-install my windows and sure also bluestacks apps, how to keep my bbm pin still the same?

    because i already using the same bb-id, but the bbm pin is always change

    • Srini Vasan

      If you change devices you will get a new PIN number even if you sign in with the same BlackBerry ID.
      But you can restore your contacts. If you do switch devices.

  • Mosin Jua

    the file is corrupted..can’t download t dude..please fix it..actually i like this..please release it soon..Thanks

    • Srini Vasan

      sorry the file is in good condition try again

  • away

    i have the same problem with sofikaj any help or update info… other apps awesome just the BBM …

  • Jason

    I did the instal but when I am turning on the wifi since I am using wifi connection to a network, the screen is stuck on Turning on WIFI.
    Please help.

  • Matthew Dirks

    Hey, this looks awesome, but when I get Blue Stacks open and try to download BBM, its not available. The BBM page comes up but do install button, has a little message that says this is device is not compatible… but lots of other apps seem to work just fine… please help

    • Matthew Dirks

      NVM!!! Apparently FOLLOWING directions would help… I went right into Bluestacks and tried to download BBM from there… thats when i got this message. When i downloaded the link you gave–came right up… Thank YoU!

      • Srini Vasan

        try following video on the top of this page

    • Srini Vasan

      try following video on the top of this page.

    • Srini Vasan

      try downloading it from 1mobilemarketHD.

    • Srini Vasan

      update bluestacks

  • dhruv

    the rar file is not extracting it says’failed to check crc’
    please help

    • May be the file you downloaded got corrupted . Please re download it.

  • dhruv

    it says install failed invalid apk.
    what do i do

    • Srini Vasan

      update bluestacks

  • hardy

    i just install it and really surprise me that the app needs 2 gigs of physical memory requirement. is it true that this app needs this much of memory

    • Srini Vasan


  • kaka

    when i open bbm app its giving me a black screen, anyone can help me ?

    • How much RAM do you have and what is your Graphics card?

  • ridwan p

    i have been installed this , but i can use it and i can run it , wkwkw thanks dude

  • akbar

    how to add photo profile?

  • zhekov

    it doesn’t work …… I’m so disapointed

    • Srini Vasan

      pls say your problem and make sure that you updated bluestacks.
      your bluestacks should look like this.
      follow the video on the top of this page.

  • Vincent

    I’ve already download bluestacks & bbm but i opened bbm in the apps bluestacks only at the screen write “still waiting loading bbm”

    • Srini Vasan

      update bluestacks….
      it should look like this

  • jim

    bluestacks trik f0r BBM it just doesn’t work anymore.. “temporary error bla bla bla”

    • Srini Vasan

      update bluestacks it still works

  • jana

    how do i bc pins??

    • Srini Vasan

      i can’t understand what your are asking
      can you make it clear..

  • smile

    i update me graphic driver but still blustack is talking of graphics problems what should i do?

  • sergil

    the link doesn’t open to download.

  • aman

    i have installed bbm on bluestacks and it seems perfect, just that one problem, no idea how to sync contacts
    it doesnt show any option on how to find new contacts by number or name
    it wud be great if some one cud help me about this issue

  • duaa

    i have been install the nue version but the bbm dosent works with me ?!

  • Cikcik Satrio

    Why my BBM contact in bluestacks can’t synchronize??

  • Ethan David

    hi great work i finally got bluestacks to work and i installed bbm but everytime i run it the screen rotates 90 degrees then goes back to normal only thinner and then it goes blank!!!!What should i do????

  • Yash

    Installed and update bluestacks, graphics drivers are up-to date but when I click on the BBM app the screen turns white after it says loading app.

  • Rendix Alextian

    kalo keluar kayak gini, solusinya gimana gan? ini pas mau buka BBM.. trus stelah keluar pemberitahuan itu, bluestacknya error.. terpaksa di close!!!!

  • sadie

    how do I open bbm in bluestacks? it isn’t working!

  • Mainan Happy M

    Please tell how to attach pictures from pc on chat via BBM bluestacks
    thanks bro

  • Mainan Happy M

    how to attach picture from pc to bbm bluestack on chating?
    thanks bro