Hack a Computer Only with just a IP Address in Easy steps


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  • justleaveitasis

    what if you do not know the persons passwords?

  • hamza

    In my pc a blank window of cmd is opened after the last step and i am unable to see anything i write there.wat’s the matter?

    • JigglyPuff

      Have you found a way around this ?

      • Tom

        Have you found a way around this?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

        • Ariana

          Found a way round this yet?

          • Rohan

            Did you find anything yet?

          • Charlotte

            Have you solved it yet?

  • kalyan

    how to crack if it is password secured..,

    • Raj Amal

      We need implement brute force attack

      • mr white

        bro i need you help some is having access to my gmail account n its attached to all my personal sites n social networking sites i need to stop it please help me its urgent!!!!

  • Xestry

    Hack this

    • http://www.ajayku96.blogspot.in Ajay Kumar

      HY this is not a real ip…………..it is a fake ip that admin wants to shows u

  • disqus_4XSGJF2yAq hack this lammer

    • Anonymous

      im booting him offline right now and im finding his adress for you

  • Brunel

    is it possible to get ip using skype name?

    • SlimManic

      Yes it is possible, all you have to do is make a call to a person you want to find out IP address from, open up task manager once your victim answered a call, then you navigate to performance bar, and open up “Resource monitor”, at the resources monitor table you have to tick the box next to skype.exe and extend the network activity tab and the first one on the list would be your victims ip address. Hope I helped.

  • mr white

    some one is using my gmail account i dont know who it is can you please help me to get rid from that person

  • Badal

    Hey Bro.!
    I am in a big trouble
    I want your Help
    Anyone hack My Facebook Acc.
    But I Secure It
    & I Know the IP address of the Hacker
    So Now
    I Want Revenge
    If U r Able to Help Me
    Then Please Reply
    either Ignore It…!

    • Anonymous

      i can help you just give me the ip

      • Anonmouse Hey Anon, I have a similar problem, a kid hijacked my beloved Facebook page for the hell of it and removed me from Admin, I’d love to find a way to get my page back through maybe getting onto his Facebook, I don’t want this for malicious reasons I just want to set myself as an admin again on my page

      • Anon Stupid person hacked my e-mail

      • mezo

        Hey guys please help her is someone ip address :
        I just need to revenge bec he hacked by Facebook
        Just try to fuck him

  • Raza

    I dnt know user name and password :(

  • Chadd Everone

    come on people, grow up! just stop posting random IP to hack some poor bastards………..

  • Robert

    Can you guys help me hack these ip’s from some guy who scammed me of 210 dollars. and

  • Abhishek

    How to get access to anyones fb account by using IP or username

  • bob wayne

    hack this… tried to ruin my life :(

  • harshit sureka

    i m nt getting space to enter the ip address

  • কে কে

    I am in a big trouble.I want to your Help.Anyone hack my facebook account & I know the IP address ( of the Hacker.Now
    I want to information about him (like his adject location)…plz help me…plz

    • Trackerjacker

      Hey… found your guy. He’s in the middle of Bangladesh. Cheers.

  • Veritus Aevus

    Hey Anon, this guy has been claiming to time travel in secret government projects and he is running for president in 2016. I caught him using fake facebook profile to confirm details about his stories. Since then he booted me off of his groups before I could expose him. His name is Andrew D. Basiago and I think his ip is I knew he was a fake when he talked shit to me about my daughter who was murdered in a private message so I started investigating him in depth, then I found out about the fake profile and called him out in private. Then he booted me of everything. Anything you can do man…this guy is deceiving thousands and growing

  • bob hack this plz

  • bob

    make it DIE plz

  • wishicoulddothismyself

    please & thank you

  • bagi

    hey guys help me
    i want to find this guy
    also this ip is changed – everyday
    i want khow who is real owner of this ip address.

  • Yea


  • Malik Bilal Asghar

    I want to hack a pc does it necessary to hide my ip

  • Jared

    Whenever i type telnet into cmd, it says it’s an unknown command, Can someone please tell me why this is happening?

  • Robluy

    Hello fellows!
    This all worked until I came to one teeeeeeny tiny problem…
    I don’t have the password. Do you have another article for that? And if so, can you get me the link? Maybe I am doing something wrong.

  • pradeep

    how i know the password of him

  • mezo

    Here is someone’s ip address I need to hack him just for revenge bec he hacked my facebook
    Please don’t ignore
    If you hacked him just let me know you write to me on the reply :)
    Just try to fuck than bitch

  • The Aviator

    Folks – I need some help. Someone hacked into my gmail using an IP address in Malaysia and is now trying to blackmail me with my private information. I have managed to track down the IP address locality but am unable to track down the owner of that IP address. I need to urgently find out who owns this IP address and report him/her to the authorities. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.

  • Sue Wench Devlin

    the banks have told my mate that he has been on line to order a male order bride and many other site he told them it wasnt him and wants the money back they told him no one can hack a ip address I said they just saying that so they dont have to give money back so the ? i ask is ,,, IUs it possible to hack a ip address or not so i can give him proof to shove down the bankc throat pls

  • Devil

    Tried it but when type in cmd it gives an error … i attached the file… kindly help me with this